Hiroshima 75th Memorial


Global Broadcast presented in partnership with the city of Hiroshima, Japan


Chapter 1 | History of Anti-Peace

Featuring, in chronological order —Yup’ik Tarvarnauramken (Blessing Song), Hopi To Wa drumming (live from a mountaintop near Phoenix, Arizona), Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins with Peter Kuznick, moderated by Rebecca Irby (live from East New York, Brooklyn), ICAN: Nuclear Age in Six MovementsUnited Voices 4 PeaceHussein SmkoBare OperaTurning Tables Myanamar/Last Days of BeethovenFrankie FaisonUniverse City (live from East New York, Brooklyn), Hopi Prophecy #1 by Thomas BanyacyaTAXIPLASM and Junko Ichikawa

Chapter 2 | Reality of War

Featuring Tim Ries of The Rolling Stone Project, Minami Yusui, Bare Opera, Zoe Krantz, Koolulam, Setsuko Thurlow (Hibakusha Testimony), Scott Nagatani, Patrick Nagatani, ICAN: Banner Action (live from City Hall, NYC), International Peace Bureau Youth Seminar (live from US, UK, Brazil & Japan), TAXIPLASM, Lauren Cox, Travis Cains (for George Floyd, in tribute), |Vessels|, Hiroshima Panels by Iri & Toshi Maruki, Syndrome by Robb Leigh Davis and Hopi Prophecy #2 by Thomas Banyacya

Chapter 3 | Imagination of Peace

Featuring — TAXIPLASMThe Japanese American National MuseumJunko IchikawaAnnie HeathPatrick NagataniUniverse City (live from East New York, Brooklyn), Paperwater (live from FAENA Miami, Florida), Jean-Paul SamputuThe Ceremonialist Georgia Wall and Eden Roller with Music for Dialogue

Chapter 4 | War Economy

Featuring — Bare OperaTurning Tables Myanamar/Waiyan Phyo BlissRebecca Stenn CompanyPangea Now by Suzi Analogue + Suzette Guy, The Ceremonialist Georgia WallEmily MomoharaHibaku Trees by Hiroshi SunairiLegion Lighting tour (live from Brooklyn, NY) Yolantha HarrisonUna OsatoVanessa Walters, Jong Kuen (Hibakusha Testimony), Turning Tables Myanamar/HeAvy feat. Ko Minn and Hopi Prophecy #3 by Thomas Banyacya

Chapter 5 | The Peace Economy

Featuring — |Vessels|Patrick NagataniMusic for DialogueTAXIPLASMLillian Michiko BlakeyAri BeserYuko Kudo + Minami YusuiPaperwater (live from FAENA Miami, FL), Mayuka ThaïsLorraine ToussaintVanessa WaltersNobuko Miyamoto, Global Interfaith Roundtable moderated by Rebecca Irby (live), Hiroshima 75th Memorial global committee team finale (live) and Valarie Kaur




  ValarieKaur.jpg02_chuna3.jpgPaperwater.jpgminami3.jpegTimRies.jpgYUKO-KUDO-HEADSHOT.jpegHusseinSmko1.jpgBare-Opera-sq.jpgH75M-poster-v1a.jpgelusive-bird-3.jpgABJ.jpgPeter Kuznick.jpegImage 7-31-20 at 9.31 AM.jpg_Vessels.jpgTaxiplasm1.pngImage.jpegImage 30 Jul 2020 at 2.27 PM.jpegFrankie-Faison.jpgJunko_Ichikawa-12.jpgElusiveBird.jpgH75M-poster-v2b.jpgBareOpera.jpgPeter KuznickBook.jpgJunko_Ichikawa-11.jpgMSProfilePic.jpgBecca2016.jpgGDBProfilePic.jpg


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